Business Contracts Requiring Special Handling and/or Further Approval

***Please allow extra processing time for Contracts Requiring Special Handling***

  1. Foreign Agreements

    Export control approval is required for business contract with a foreign company, organization, or individual. Please allow additional processing time for this approval to be requested and received.

    * If the agreement is with an agency of a foreign government, including a public university in a foreign country, the agreement will require Board of Regents' approval. Please allow 3 to 6 months for processing an agreement with an agency of a foreign government. The agreement may not be signed before such approval is granted unless it contains an acceptable limitation such as the following statement: "This Agreement is not effective until approved by the Board of Regents of The University of Texas System." Adding the above sentence to the agreement allows the University to sign the agreement prior to the Board of Regents' approval. However, actual work/services cannot begin until the Board of Regents' approval is obtained.

    Office of Business Contracts Procedures for Agreements with an Agency of a Foreign Government

    Route the agreement to the UT System Office of General Counsel for review and approval as to the legal form prior to docketing for the UT System Board of Regents' approval.

  2. Revenue Generating Agreements

    All agreements that generate revenue for the University must be reviewed for Unrelated Business Income Tax (UBIT). All revenue generating agreements, except those that are categorized as Interlocal or interagency agreements, will be sent to accounting for review and approval prior to being sent out for signature. Additional documentation may be requested.

    For more information about UBIT, please see Accounting and Financial Management’s UBIT information pageUTS 103, and HBP 5.4.

  3. Software and Technology Agreements.

    All agreements that involve software or technology must be reviewed by the Information Security Office (ISO). Additional action by Contractors may be requested by the ISO prior to contract execution. Requests for ISO review/approval of software and technology contracts may be requested by the Department prior to submitting a contract request to the BCO. Alternatively, the BCO is happy to assist with this request.

    Additional approvals may be required if a vendor will (1) not be able to comply with state electronic information accessibility requirements, (2) have access to University trademarks/logos, (3) develop websites on the UT domain, (4) develop mobile application(s), and/or (5) have access to Cat-1 data including FERPA and or HIPAA information.

    For more information, please see the Software Purchases and Approval Flowcharts

  4. Special Procedure Contracts
  5. Contracts Requiring UT System Board of Regents Prior Approval