Software Contracts

Contractors with access to controlled or confidential data are now required to complete cybersecurity training

University contractors who have access to controlled or confidential information and data are now required by HB 3834 to complete a cybersecurity training program. Colleges, schools, and units (CSUs) who hire contractors are also required to certify that these individuals have completed the required training.

For more information on training options, the certification process, and how to get help, visit

Submitting Software Agreements for Review

Software Licensing pre-approval for a software acquisition is not required if the vendor does not require signature on any documentation. If the vendor requires signature on a contract, agreement, order form, statement of work, or any other document, then the proposed document and a completed Business Contract Review Form (BCRC) must be submitted to Business Contracts at For more information, please review Business Contracts – Software Licensing Policy Update.

Business Contracts reviews and facilitates signature on contracts, agreements, and other documents which involve software and require signature. All software acquisition documents which require signature must be reviewed and signed by Business Contracts. There are no exceptions for price, length, type of use, or otherwise.

To initiate review and signature of a software acquisition document, please complete the Business Contract Review Form (BCRC) and any related approvals required. For help filling out the BCRC, please see our Guide to Completing the Business Contract Review Checklist.

More information regarding the submission and review process can be found on the Software Purchase and Approval Flowcharts page.

Why can only Business Contracts sign software acquisition documents? The Business Contracts Office is The University of Texas System Board of Regents delegated authority to sign software acquisitions on behalf of the university. Only individuals with delegated authority can sign documents on behalf of the university. See Delegations of Authority for The University of Texas at Austin.

What happens after I submit the BCRC and acquisition documents? Business Contracts will review your request and work with the appropriate individuals to finalize signature. If Business Contracts needs additional information or documentation, they will contact you. The goal of the Business Contracts Office is to keep you updated on the status of your request at all times. Additionally, you will be copied on all communication regarding your request throughout the review process.