Business Contracts Requiring Special Handling and/or Further Approval

***Please allow extra processing time for Contracts Requiring Special Handling***

  1. Foreign Agreements
    Approval is required for business contract with a foreign company, organization, or individual. Foreign approval must be provided by the appropriate dean's and/or vice president’s office and from the Office of the Vice President for Legal Affairs. Foreign approval signifies the country and the services and/or deliverables to be provided have been reviewed, and approval is provided for the University to proceed with formalizing the arrangements with an agreement. Approval by the Vice President for Legal Affairs does not constitute approval of the agreement which must be routed separately to the Office of the Sr. Vice President and CFO for review and processing.

    Departmental Procedures for Requesting Foreign Approval:

    • Develop a letter/memorandum requesting foreign approval. The request should contain the following information at a minimum:
      • The vendor you are contracting with (name and address)
      • A summary of the services and/or deliverables to be provided
      • The country(ies) where services will be provided
      • A summary of your department's history with this vendor, if any
      • Indication of whether the vendor is privately owned or an agency of a foreign government*
      • Any other information you believe is necessary or helpful
      • A copy of the proposed agreement
    • Route the request to your dean's office for approval.
    • Route the request approved by your dean's office to Patricia Ohlendorf, V.P., Office of the V.P. for Legal Affairs, for legal affairs approval.
    • Upon receipt of the required approvals, the agreement and approvals are submitted in accordance with the Procedures for Submitting Business Contracts to the Office of the Sr. V.P. and Chief Financial Officer for processing.

    * If the agreement is with an agency of a foreign government, the agreement will require Board of Regents' approval. The agreement may not be signed before such approval is granted unless it contains an acceptable limitation such as the following statement: "This Agreement is not effective until approved by the Board of Regents of The University of Texas System." Adding the above sentence to the agreement allows the University to sign the agreement prior to the Board of Regents' approval. However, actual work/services cannot begin until the Board of Regents' approval is obtained.

    Office of Business Contracts Procedures for Agreements with an Agency of a Foreign Government

    Route the agreement to the UT System Office of General Counsel for review and approval as to the legal form prior to docketing for the UT System Board of Regents' approval.

  2. Special Procedure Contracts
    These contracts require review and approval by the UT System Office of General Counsel prior to execution.
  3. Contracts Requiring UT System Board of Regents Prior Approval